Do I need to bring anything with me or prepare in any way?

Please simply bring yourself and a curious attitude.

Given this is an online course, it will require that you have a reliable internet connection and a private space to speak. Using headphones can help to protect privacy.

To help us connect, I ask that you attend with your camera turned on so that we can see each other. Should you need to take a break you can turn your camera off temporarily as needed, but generally I ask that you keep your camera on during the session. I will also ask that you refrain from eating (as if we were in person), but you are welcome to have a drink with you. We will take one short break during each session.

It is helpful to wear comfortable clothing and to be seated watching the screen using a computer, tablet or phone so that you are comfy during the session and imagery practices. If you are using a mobile phone please have this propped up rather than in your hand. I would advise a PC or tablet if possible to allow you to more easily see other group members.

The sessions will be hosted via a video platform such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams. You will be sent a link by email which you can click to join the session. Detailed joining instructions will be provided by email ahead of the group.