How is the course different from individual therapy or mindfulness?

Individual therapy can allow you to go into the detail of your experience and situation. In this group course, we have the benefit of being focused on the practice and skills that we want to develop to cope more effectively. The group structure helps us to stay focused on covering these skills and ideas, giving you a comprehensive training in compassion-focused mindfulness.

The course is not a group therapy. You will not be expected to share personal information if you do not wish to. The group is a supportive place to share your experience of practising the self-compassion skills. You will be invited to work with other group members to discuss your thoughts and experience of the ideas we cover.

Compassionate mind training incorporates mindfulness practice. Mindfulness is the act of purposefully bringing your attention to your experience in the present moment. In doing so, we build self-awareness and open opportunity for managing our experience thoughtfully and with purpose. You do not need to have any experience of mindfulness. Whether you are completely new to these skills, or want to develop your existing practice, this course will help you to develop a mindfulness practice designed to enhance self-compassion.